"The Most Recommended And The Most Affordable Brick Pavers Setters In Miami."

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n the paragraphs below we will show you why you should choose N.Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc. to take care of your project.

If you are looking to have your bricks set by professionals that will get the job done according to your needs and specifications, please contact us. How do we differ from other companies? When you hire N.Ricardo's Brick Pavers you are dealing directly with the owner. On the other hand,  when you hire a big tile company, chances are they will subcontract the work. And once we are the ones getting the job done, we make sure every single detail is taken care of. And... you don't need to pay the middle man (big savings). We recommend you to compare quality and prices and we will always be your wisest choice.


The number one concern you should have when selecting a brick paver setter is quality. Brick setting demands time, dedication and commitment to achieve a great result. You can have that with us. You, for sure will have a great feeling when we leave your home and your project is complete. We receive tons of Thank You notes all the time.

Perfection during installation

During the process of installation is essential that the surface is kept absolutely clean at all time. Why? Because if the surface has particles and debris the adherence can be compromised and the quality of the setting be diminished.

The Deal

If you haven't purchased your Bricks I can save you money. Because N.Ricardo's Brick Pavers is a whosaler you will have the best deal always. You should come to our Showroom to select from the large verity we have or you can find one that you like and show us, we'll do whatever we can to have that specific color and format you need for you project


If you are reading this message chances are you are looking to choose your next brick pavers contractor. The options are endless. Infinite number of brick installers on the internet. We know it's hard for you to choose one installer amongst so many. Well, let me present more reasons why N.Ricardo's Brick Pavers, Inc. should be the company that will earn your choice.


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"We are very pleased with the work that was done. I have had many, many projects done at our homes throughout the years and I must say that.


Nilson delivered everything that he promised, including finishing the job on time, even tough we had some complications that we did not for see, like the thickness of the pavement before, but he did an extra effort and finished on time and as you can see it’s a beautiful job.


"We are extremely pleased and we would recommend him anytime for any type of pavers job."


Ricardo Molina
Cooper City, FL

Dr. Michel Sampson, M.D.
Fort Lauderdale FL